Guardianship is a legal situation granted by the court to appoint an individual to assist and protect the legal rights of someone who is physically or mentally unable to care for his or her own needs. Once appointed, the guardian is legally bound to act in the individual’s best interests. Guardians can be given specific authorities, such as the authority to handle the financial and legal affairs of the individual, or they may be granted larger authority, depending on the needs of the individual.

Setting up a legal guardianship can sometimes get complex, especially if other family members are not in agreement as to who the guardian should be. That is why the assistance of a Pennsylvania guardianship attorney is so valuable. Attorney John Whalen has been serving the people of Pennsylvania for over 20 years, and brings compassion and knowledge to the guardianship process.

Complex Considerations for Guardianship Cases Require a Pennsylvania Guardianship Attorney

In a guardianship case, the interests of many parties need to be considered. First and foremost are the interests of the individual who needs guardianship. The guardian needs to be someone who will protect the interests and safety of the individual who needs help. When working on guardianship cases, Attorney Whalen ensures that everyone’s best interests, including the individual who needs help the most, are protected and considered.

Yet that’s just one aspect of a guardianship case. Sometimes the children or loved ones of the individual are not in agreement about who should be the guardian. In other cases, the individual who needs support may not be willing to accept it, and the case may need to go to court to prove that guardianship is required. Handling these cases requires skill and understanding, and that is exactly what Attorney Whalen offers.

Attorney John B. Whalen Jr. Esq. Provides Compassionate Legal Care

The guardianship process can be filled with emotions. Realizing that a loved one is no longer capable of caring for his or her self can be difficult to accept. That’s why you need an attorney who offers legal services with compassion. For the past two decades, Attorney John Whalen has built a reputation for providing compassionate legal care for his clients, putting their needs and interests first while navigating emotionally trying circumstances.

If you or someone you love needs the help of a legal guardian, Attorney John Whalen is ready to help. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and questions, and get started on the guardianship process.