Beneficiary Representation

John B. Whalen, Jr. Esq. is a solo practitioner who practices exclusively in the area of estate planning. With offices located in Wayne, PA, he serves clients in Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties, and the surrounding Southeastern Pennsylvania area. Attorney John Whalen is an experienced estate planning lawyer who has represented thousands of clients in the state of Pennsylvania. In his decades of practice as at estate attorney, he has represented a wide variety of clients, with a special concentration in beneficiary representation. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients’ rights, and can help you find a favorable resolution to your estate dispute.

Pennsylvania Attorney John Whalen

Attorney John Whalen is committed to providing his clients with the ultimate in personalized attention. He offers his clients a free, two-hour initial consultation, during which he will listen to your story and gather every detail about your case. He then works closely with his clients to understand their goals and explain their available options for achieving those goals.

When you choose John Whalen, you get unprecedented access to his knowledgeable counsel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He prides himself on providing fast responses and prompt service. Appointments are made on your terms, and can be arranged in the comfort of your own home. Attorney John Whalen knows that his clients want clear communication and affordable access to justice. That is why he always operates on a flat-fee basis, so clients know exactly what to expect and there are never any surprises.

Beneficiary Representation

There are many factors that can affect the distribution of estate assets. In some cases, there may be a will that identifies you as a beneficiary; in other cases, there may not be a will at all. In still other cases, there may be a dispute involving the administration of the estate. For example, a beneficiary may disagree with how the executor or personal representative is distributing assets.

Attorney John Whalen has represented thousands of beneficiaries during his decades as an estate planning attorney. He can provide the necessary advice to protect your rights in nearly any estate planning matter.

Estate administration can be a complex and lengthy process with many bumps in the road. If you suspect your rights as a beneficiary are being challenged, you should seek the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney immediately. Attorney John Whalen can explain your rights and all your available options. Contact our Wayne, PA office today to schedule a free consultation with experienced estate planning attorney John Whalen.